Customize and automate your secured Customer Communications in 3 easy steps

Customize Communications Templates

Design customer communications templates and define dynamic content with rich text, images, graphs, tables and charts. Intuitively create communications templates on our rich template editor as you would on MS Word or Google Docs. You can also choose from our library of predefined templates and customize them as required.

Configure With Dynamic Data

Configure communications templates using customers’ data with dynamic content and delivery details. You can directly establish a secured connection with your company’s database using our API, or by uploading customer data via spreadsheet. You can preview the actual communication piece at any time, populated with customer data.

Automate Communication Pieces

Define your communication channels from any combination of Email, Direct Mail, Fax and Cloud Print. You can configure different communication channels for each of your customer communication pieces. You can deliver communication pieces by batch or individually in a fully automated, customizable manner.

Ad Documentum automates end-to-end your secured Customer Communications. You can easily customize and automate delivery of various Customer Communications Pieces such as Customer Invoices, Notifications, Bills, Reports, Account Statements, Performance Cards, Notices and more. Ad Documentum delivers these Customer Communications Pieces to your customer via Email, Direct Mail and Fax. You can also configure Ad Documentum to Print in-house.

Additional Features

Admin Functions

Multi-user, multi-role environment for every available feature including discrete roles for system and account administration.

Data Security

Top flight security measures preventing data breaches. With multi-step registration, database encryption, SSL, etc., data security is our primary focus.

End-To-End Workflow

Implement custom workflows that allow for contextual routing of each communication piece for review and manual editing.

Management Suite

Communication pieces can be indexed by automatically applying relevant tags for easy search, retrieval and real-time status updates through the unified Communication Management dashboard.

Next Level Templating

Ad Documentum features extremely powerful templating tools, full rich text capability, commenting, document preview with sample data, dynamic image injection, array handling for tables, etc.

Pay As You Go

All Ad Documentum features are completely free to use. Only pay on a per communication piece upon successful generation and distribution. Absolutely free upto 100 correspondences per month. See pricing.