Creating a customized bill has never been easier. Just create your own billing template in a couple of minutes using the online editor and your customers' data will be automatically plugged in to generate individual billing correspondences for each of your customers. You can select any combination of the distribution types: EMAIL, FAX and PRINT.


Report generation and distribution is one of the most important activities in any organization. There are typically dozens of reporting formats due to customer classifications, government regulation, industry specification, etc. With Ad Documentum, you can customize and generate any type of report and distribute right to your customers' doorsteps.


All major industries use inovicing solutions that typically restrict companies to choosing from default templates with only minor customizations allowed. With Ad Documentum, this limitation ceases to exist, as you can easily create any kind of invoice with the online editor. It's literally as simple as typing out a document.


Imagine the wide variety of notifications a typical company requires to create and maintain in order to keep up with the competition and qualitatively keep their customers informed. With Ad Documentum, a any type of notifications type can be created, automated and published instantly thus rendering great flexibility to your business.

Corporate Communications

In today's dynamic world, corporate need to constantly change products to meet market volatility. Ad Documentum's powerful online editor handles such modifications and amendments quickly and easily. It is faster than any document automation solution available across the world, thus enabling businesses to be agile without any unnecessary delays.

Customer Mailers

To understand and target clusters of customers, corporate take up a to and fro approach by launching and redefining their offerings in the market until it is stabilized. These changes, upgrades and add-ons can be easily communicated to customers by Ad Documentum on the fly.

Correspondence Generation Process

Create Templates

Ad Documentum's Template Editor is essentially an online, WYSIWYG rich text editor with word processing capabilities. It gives business users the ability to:

  • Create or modify any type of document template
  • Insert data definitions into the template
  • Insert static or dynamic images
  • Preview the document with sample data
  • Easily handle even complex tabular data
  • Customize the subject and body of the email (applicable for EMAIL distribution)
Automate With Data

Users can easily build data dictionaries which contain data tags built using simple, yet powerful tree structure available within Ad Documentum's Data Dictionary Editor.

  • Manual data upload using spreadsheet (Excel format)
  • Client applications can supply Ad Documentum with data using Ad Documentum's XML-based API
Publish & Distribute

Ad Documentum accomplishes document generation and distribution as follows:

  • Data integration with client applications via Ad Documentum's XML-based API
  • Or alternatively, opt to supply data via manual Excel spreadsheet upload
  • Route correspondences to customers directly, document reviewers or manual document editors based on workflow instructions
  • Distribute the document via any combination of the following channels: EMAIL, FAX and PRINT